Amazon Redshift Interview Questions

  1. What is the purpose of using AWS Redshift database ?
  2. What are the advantages of AWS Redshift database over an On-premise data warehouse solution ?
  3. What is Redshift Spectrum ?
  4. What are the roles of leader node and compute node ?
  5. What is a sort key ?
  6. How do you choose a Sort Key for a table ?
  7. How do you change a sort key ?
  8. What are the various distribution styles and How do you choose the distribution style ?
  9. How do you change the distribution style of a table ?
  10. What is vacuuming ? How do you vacuum a table ?
  11. How frequently do you vacuum the redshift tables ?
  12. What are the various types of vacuuming in Redshift ?
  13. How do you cancel a running query in Redshift ?
  14. What system views do you use in your day-to-day work ?
  15. How do you disable a user account in Redshift (User is no longer with the organization) ?
  16. How do you copy tables from one Redshift cluster to another ?
  17. What is the purpose of analyzing tables in Redshift ?
  18. How frequently do you analyze the tables?
  19. What is a materialized view ?
  20. What are the various ways of refreshing a materialized view ?
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