How to create an EBS volume

Login to the AWS Management console and navigate to EC2 dashboard. Choose ‘Volumes’ under ‘Elastic Block Store’ on the left pane. Choose ‘Create Volume’ to create a new volume.

On the ‘Create Volume’ screen, choose the appropriate volume type and provide a size for the volume. IOPS wll be provided based on the volume type.

Choose an availability zone for the EBS volume and select a snapshot ID if you would like to create the volume from an existing snapshot.

You may optionally choose to encrypt the volume by enabling ‘Encryption’. To add a name tag, choose the ‘click to add a Name tag’ option and provide a name to uniquely identify the volume being created.

Choose ‘Create Volume’.

You will see the below confirmation message that the Volume has been successfully created. Choose the volume ID to view the volume details.

Once the status of the volume becomes ‘available’ you can attach it to any EC2 Instance that is in the same availability zone as that of the volume.

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