Amazon S3 Interview Questions

  1. What is Amazon S3 ?
  2. What are buckets and objects ?
  3. Explain the data consistency model of S3
  4. What are the various Storage classes ? How do you choose a storage class ?
  5. What is the difference between bucket policy and Access Control list ?
  6. Explain about Transfer Acceleration ?
  7. What is versioning in S3 ? How does it work ?
  8. What happens when you delete an object in versioning enabled bucket ?
  9. What is object Lock ?
  10. What is life cycle management in S3 ? What is the purpose of life cycle management ?
  11. What is Replication in S3 ? When should you replicate ?
  12. How do you choose between same-region replication vs cross-region replication ?
  13. How do you trigger a lambda function based on S3 actions?
  14. How do you send notifications when an s3 object is deleted ?
  15. What is S3 Select ?
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