How to modify RDS Instance type

Login to the AWS Management Console and navigate to ‘Relational Database Service’ dashboard. Identify the RDS cluster that you would like to modify.

Select the instance and choose ‘Modify’.

In the next window, Change the instance type by dropping down on the ‘DB Instance Class’.

I’m changing the instance type from db.t2.small to db.t2.medium.

Scroll to the end of the page and choose ‘Continue’. On the next window, select if you would like to ‘Apply change immediately’ or ‘during next maintenance window’ and choose ‘ Modify db instance’.

The status of Instance changes to ‘Modifying’ while the change is being made and becomes ‘Available’ once the instance type is changed.

As shown in the below image, size is the new value – db.t2.medium and status is ‘Available’.

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